NEW!! Wild Ireland & Isle of Man TT Races

Celtic Rider is thrilled to announce our two new 2017 tours, bringing you to the famous Isle of Man TT Races. Tour ‘A’, the ‘Isle of Man TT Races & Wild Ireland’, and Tour ‘B’, the ‘Wild Ireland & Isle of Man TT Races’. Due to huge interest, we have created two tours. First is the 16 day tour, Tour ‘A’, bringing riders from Celtic Rider to Dublin, then straight to Port Douglas, Isle of Man where you will stay for the full duration of race week. Starting at Celtic Rider on Friday the 2nd of June and ending on Saturday 17th June. After the weeks racing you will make your way back to Ireland, landing in Belfast, and starting your 7 day ‘Wild Ireland’ tour, riding along the famous Wild Atlantic Way route.

Our second option, the 15 day Tour ‘B’, brings you straight to the west of Ireland, again riding alongside the Wild Atlantic Way coastal route, and making your way to Belfast where you will board the ferry to Douglas. This tour starts at Celtic Rider on Sunday the 28th of May and ends on the 11th of June. All accommodation will be booked by Celtic Rider, your full route will be in your Garmin to follow each day, along with plenty of ‘hot-spots’ and ‘must-see’ attractions along the way. This tour will prove to be a spectacular round trip, taking in the most challenging road race in the World with the bravest riders ever seen, and of course enjoying the best of the famous Irish Wild Atlantic Way coastal route also. Check them out here… 15 Day Wild Ireland & Isle of Man TT Races and 16 Day Isle of Man TT Races & Wild Ireland Adventure

21 Day Wild Ireland & Highlands of Scotland Tour

2016 is without a doubt going to be a great year for adventure touring with Celtic Rider. Extending our Wild Atlantic Way tour along the west of Ireland and including the new route named the ‘Wild Ireland & Highlands of Scotland’, this complete 21 day tour will appeal to those who have had a taste of touring Ireland and want to enhance their previous trips, and those who want to explore Ireland and follow routes that have been created by Celtic Rider to discover Ireland and Scotland in depth. Over the years we have established excellent relationships with numerous Irish owned B&B’s and hotels which we use time after time, our accommodation providers are welcoming and always rated 4 star or 5 star. Clients wishing to customise their self-drive tour are welcome to contact us and we will happily accommodate you. 
See the new Wild Ireland & Highlands of Scotland Tour here.

The ‘Wild Atlantic Way’ west of Ireland coastal ride is 2500Kms in length, hard to believe when our island is only 466Kms from Malin Head (Ireland’s most northerly point) to Mizen Head, (Ireland’s most southerly point). Due to Paul’s intimate knowledge of Ireland’s old route network and his understanding of bikers  needs, Celtic Rider’s MD Paul Rawlins was proud to have been called upon by Tourism Ireland to assist in the initial planning of the ‘Wild Atlantic Way’ route. Some of our roads date back thousands of years and Paul knows them well… Some even call them ‘Paul’s Roads’! All Celtic Rider self-drive tours are designed to take in a mix of the best coastal riding and also mountain passes through the 5 national parks in the west of Ireland, and through 3 national parks in Scotland totalling 2319 Miles (3732 Kms), this is excluding the optional rides for the ‘ride or rest days’. This 21 day tour is inclusive of 3 optional ‘ride or rest days’ on day 4, 8 and day 15. Day 4’s optional ‘ride or rest day’ comes with a strong recommendation for riders to ride the world famous ‘Ring of Kerry’. The Gap of Dunloe is a wild, rugged, glaciated valley, carved out of rock during our last ice-age 10,000 years ago. Riders will be blown away by the unparallelled natural beauty that this majestic part of Ireland has to offer. Everywhere you set your eyes on offers postcard worthy scenery, and the ride will heighten anyones sense of adventure. Day 8 comes with an option to ride to Achill Island, with a visit to the blue star Keem Beach and a chance to take a swim in the sea. Day 15 is a rest day in Edinburgh, this will be a much needed rest day in our opinion.