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  • All car drivers must be over 25 years of age to drive a compact or saloon car. Drivers must be over 30 years of age to drive a Minivan or People Carrier.
  • Drivers must hold a valid driver’s license from a country or state of permanent residence. This normal driving licence is all that is required. International licenses are perfectly acceptable but not necessary.
  • If a passenger intends on driving the car, a copy of their licence must be scanned and emailed prior to/or on arrival and relevant documents should be signed allowing them to be a named driver.
  • We accept most major credit cards. AMEX is not accepted.
  • 50% of overall rental fee is required at time of booking. Balance to be paid in full one (1) month before pick up/arrival date.
  • All cars are supplied with a full tank of petrol on pick-up and should be returned with a full tank. A refuelling charge will apply if the car is returned without being filled.
  • All deposits are non-refundable. In the event of cancellation deposits can be used on an agreed alternative date by prior arrangement, or transferred to another person’s rental.
  • Cars must be returned on time. We request that you return no later than 4pm. The main reason for this is to allow ample repacking time and for the last of your paperwork to be completed before you are returned to your hotel/airport.
  • Your rental period may be extended once agreed by contacting Celtic Rider staff. This happens quite frequently due to clients wishing to extend their adventure tour of our island.
  • You must notify Celtic Rider staff if you become aware of a car fault or if the car becomes un-roadworthy for any reason.
  • Occasionally, due to unforeseen circumstances your chosen car is not available. In these cases we will offer a similar or upgraded car at no extra cost.
  • All locks and alarms must be activated when your car is not in use. You must remove the Garmin sat-nav from the cradle and carry it with you into your accommodation each evening.
  • Celtic Rider office staff must be notified immediately of any accidents or breakdowns.
  • All of our car tours have fully comprehensive insurance and drivers are at no risk whatsoever in case of any damage to the vehicle.
  • Unpaid fines or penalties incurred by renters will charged to the driver.
  • There is a strict no-smoking rule in all of our vehicles.
  • Cars can be taken out of the island of Ireland with prior agreement.
  • We work extremely hard to ensure that our vehicles are in excellent condition for our customers. As such, our cars are rented strictly for use on public roads only. Our vehicles are not to be taken onto off-road terrain or onto beaches. Strict financial penalties may be applied to renters taking our cars off-road or onto beaches.
  • All car tours are covered with puncture assist. A puncture does not constitute a breakdown and we request that in the case of a puncture you call the AA who will tow you to the nearest station for repair. Again, this is inclusive and at no cost to you. You ask that you contact Celtic Rider in this event also.
  • Motorcycle Rental Ireland Ltd, t/a Celtic Rider, wants our customers to enjoy our service and the roads of Ireland and Europe. We provide our cars to our renters in good faith that they will treat them with the respect that they deserve, and renters are expected to adhere to Irish and European laws while using our vehicles.